Trasan residential shed roller shutter


Trasan residential shed roller shutter

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Property

Regular maintenance is an important part of everyday life. Without even thinking about it you get your car serviced every six or twelve months and maybe you even get your vacuum cleaner serviced every year or two. But have you ever thought that maybe your building needs the same amount of regular attention to ensure it’s running at its best capabilities? There are a range of preventative maintenance services that Trasan are able to provide depending on your circumstances and requirements. Typically these can include rust prevention, roof sealing, roller door servicing, servicing of sliding doors and checks on window rollers and locks. No matter what sector your building falls under – the resource sector, the public sector, industrial sector, commercial property or private property – a robust preventive maintenance program is the best way to keep your property running at its best.


Keep Costs Down with Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance allows to you to be on top of any potential issues before they become larger and more costly. This is particularly important in many regionally based locations where the cost of breakdown maintenance can become quite costly due to the geographical constraints of the location. When a scheduled maintenance program is in place, Trasan can catch the possible breakdown in a routine inspection and fix it without the additional cost relating to your location.

Our team strive to provide you with the best solution to keep the costs of maintaining your building to a minimum. We will work with you to ensure you understand the cost of preventative maintenance in comparison to the cost of one-off breakdown maintenance and will help you find a solution that is financially beneficial to you.


Preventative Maintenance Keep Business Running As Usual

There is nothing worse than if something happened in your building that requires you to shut up shop while it’s getting fixed. Often the property or building you own is the core of your livelihood – a butcher needs his shop to sell his meat, a hairdresser requires water in order to wash their clients hair and a structurally sound buildings to allow its students to attend and learn.

If you’re a property owner within the resource sector, the public sector, the industrial sector or own commercial property an unexpected breakdown could cost you both time and money. When regular maintenance is taking place an issue can be picked up while it is still small and manageable. This means in many instance small issues can be fixed while you continue conducting your day to day business.


Regular Maintenance Isn’t Only For Business Owners

Preventative maintenance is not only important for the areas of commercial, public, resource or industrial sectors that Trasan assist with, it’s also important for the private sector. As a homeowner it is in your best interest to keep all areas of your home running at its best. Whether you’re possibly considering selling the property down the track or you plan on living in the house for as long as possible, regular maintenance across your home ensures you don’t get any big unexpected breakdowns in the future.


An Unexpected Breakdown

At Trasan we always recommend to our clients that they implement a regular preventative maintenance schedule to try and minimise any unexpected breakdowns. However, in the case an unexpected breakdown does occur we are more than happy to assist you.


More Information

For more information regarding a preventative maintenance schedule for your property or building or to find out more about why preventative maintenance is so important give the team at Trasan a call on 9185 5482 or submit an enquiry through our online contact form.