Residential home renovations port hedland


Residential home renovations port hedland

Trasan Service Sectors Series: Private Property Sector

Over the last few months on the Trasan Blog we have had a look at the key industries that Trasan provide our services including the Resource Sector, the Public Sector, the Industrial Sector and Commercial Property.

To finish up the Trasan Service Sector Series, the final service offering we are looking at is within the Private Property Sector.

Since Trasan first opened its doors we have worked in a variety of public properties over the Pilbara region. There is a wide range of services that we provide our clients from new builds to ongoing maintenance programs.


The Best Reputation: Residential New Builds

Our business has a strong reputation throughout the Pilbara region and amongst the residential client community. When it comes to Residential New Builds our capability covers multiple phases of construction including the initial design concepts, planning and approvals, drafting, engineering and material specific development.

We believe in the importance of open and transparent communication throughout the residential new build process. It is our goal to guide our clients throughout the entire construction process to ensure you’re informed from start to finish.


Updating The Old or Outdated: Renovations

Sometimes you don’t have the need for a new build, but instead just need to refurbish and refresh the current property that you’re in. Transan have years of experience within the residential sector in completing home Renovations.

Whether your home needs a large scale extension or you just need to refresh your kitchen or bathroom, we are able to provide you with a detail plan on how to update your home. Our staff are local to the Pilbara region, which means we understand the environmental factors that are important to homes and need to be considered throughout a renovation process.


Building Inspections

There is always an element of uncertainty and excitment that comes with purchasing a pre-existing home. To help alleviate any concern you may have when buying a home we are able to assist with a variety of Building Inspections including pre-purchase inspections, structural inspections and independent completion assessment.


Create Yourself A Man Cave With A New Shed

As an exclusive distributor of Fair Dinkum sheds, we are able to design, supply and install a large range of sizeable Sheds for any property. Whether you need a large shed to store your car, or a smaller shed to be your designated ‘man cave’ we can provide it all.


Roller Doors and Shutters

Installing high quality and durable shutters or roller doors are a great way to keep your home, garage and other dwellings as cool as possible in the harsh Pilbara heat.  The Trasan team have successfully carried out projects with varying degrees of complexity throughout different locations throughout the Pilbara.

We are the official distributors for the range of B&D products, that are Australian made roller doors and shutters. Our services extend long past installation, we provide extensive roller doors and shutters service and maintenance programs that are designed to save you unwelcome breakdowns in the longer term.


Keep Your Car Out Of The Pilbara Sun: Car Ports

Storing your car out of the sunshine and other environmental factors is a great way to keep it looking better for longer. We have been providing our private residential customers car port installations for over a decade.

A car port not only helps with protecting your car, but it’s also a fantastic investment to add value to your home by best utilising your outdoor space.

If you’re a residential customer living within the Pilbara region and have any questions regarding the building services we can provide you, feel free to give us a call on 9185 5482 or fill in our online contact form today.