environmental consciousness


environmental consciousness

The importance of environmental consciousness in commercial construction

Being conscious of the environmental impact that is made by big business, especially in isolated areas such as the Pilbara, has become increasingly important over recent years. The commercial construction industry holds significant responsibility to prioritise environmental sustainability in their projects because of the sheer size and regularity of their projects. Being environmentally conscious might be increasingly expected within business, but here at Trasan we have been making a conscious effort to incorporate green practices into our work for years. Here are just a few benefits of working with an environmentally sustainable commercial construction provider. 


Benefit #1 – Mitigating Environmental Impact 

Commercial construction activities have a substantial impact on the environment, including resource consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions. By implementing environmentally sustainable building practices, Trasan ensures we minimise these negative effects where possible. This can include:

  • using sustainable building materials
  • adopting energy-efficient designs
  • incorporating renewable energy systems.

This allows our business to reduce carbon footprints where possible, conserve resources, and minimise potential site related pollution.


Benefit #2 – Meeting Regulatory Requirements and Enhancing Reputation

When it comes to the environment, there are a number of regulations and standards that need to be upheld when operating within the Pilbara region. Having a strong commitment to the environment and environmental practices, ensures our clients adhere to local regulations and standards, avoiding legal penalties and project delays.

If your own business has strong morals and values relating to its own environmental practices, working with a supplier such as Trasan who also upholds these values can assist you to enhance your reputation and position as an environmentally conscious business. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, differentiates your business from competitors, and will help build long-term relationships based on trust and shared values.


Benefit #3 – Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Implementing environmentally conscious practices can lead to cost savings and operational efficiency for commercial construction projects. Cost saving measures include: 

  • Energy-efficient designs and systems that can significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills for building owners.
  • Utilising sustainable building materials and construction techniques within a project can also decrease waste generation and material expenses. 
  • Adopting green practices can also improve worker productivity and health, reducing sick leave and associated costs.


Benefit #4 – Future-Proofing and Adaptability

The future is green, with most of the world committing to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050. Investing in these practices now ensures future-proofing and adaptability of the construction industry. With the increasing focus on sustainability and the transition toward a low-carbon economy, companies that prioritise environmental considerations are better positioned to adapt to changing regulations, market demands, and industry trends. 


More Information

We have all the relevant information about commitment to the environment within our Environmental Policy. If you would like any more information or to have a chat about the construction services we can provide, please feel free to give us a call on 9185 5482 or submit an online contact enquiry.