preventative maintenance


preventative maintenance

The Crucial Role of Regular Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Does your business rent out a commercial property? Maybe you own the building that your business operates out of? Maintaining a commercial property goes beyond addressing issues as they arise; it requires a proactive approach to ensure the property remains in the best possible condition. Whether it’s for your own business or for the tenants you have within your properties, regular preventative maintenance is key to preserving value, functionality, and longevity. Here at Trasan, we know the importance of regular maintenance, and we want to support you in understanding why it should be an important part of your business plan. 


Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money in The Long Run

Regular preventative maintenance can significantly reduce the long-term costs that come with repairs and replacements. By finding small issues early on, the Trasan team can prevent them from escalating into major, more expensive problems. Routine maintenance is usually more affordable than emergency repairs or the cost associated with replacing critical equipment, especially if your property is based in a remote location. 


Increases Your Property Value

Who doesn’t want to have a well-maintained commercial property that retains its value over time? Regular maintenance not only ensures that the property looks appealing but also safeguards its structural integrity and functionality. Potential buyers or tenants are more likely to be attracted to a property that has been consistently maintained, demonstrating your commitment to its overall quality. 


Increased Focus on Safety and Compliance with Preventative Maintenance 

Ensuring regular maintenance on your commercial property plays an important role in maintaining a safe environment for staff, clients and visitors. By conducting routine inspections, identifying potential hazards, and promptly addressing them, you create a secure space that complies with safety regulations. Checking fire protection systems, electrical systems, elevators, and emergency exits ensures that your commercial property meets the necessary safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and liabilities. This is particularly important for businesses based within the Pilbara region, due to the unique and often isolated location of commercial properties. 


Set Your Business up for Success

When you work with Trasan on your maintenance schedule, you’re setting your business up for long term success. Properties and assets are best protected when you’ve got a comprehensive maintenance program in place. It safeguards your business, services and customers by ensuring your operation is running at its best.


Our team will work with you to plan and deliver robust preventative maintenance strategies focused on reducing your ongoing spend. To learn more, head to our Preventative Maintenance page, or give us a call on 9185 5482.