trasan crane shed construction


trasan crane shed construction

Trasan Service Sectors Series: Commercial Property

Whether you’ve been at the same commercial property for decades and you need a more robust preventative maintenance schedule, you’re about to acquire a new property and need assistance with a pre-acquisition assessment, or you want to build a completely new building, the team at Trasan have experience in all areas of commercial property throughout the Pilbara region.


Refurbishment, Upgrade and Modification

Over the years we have complete a wide range of commercial property Refurbishments of various size and scope. We are able to provide our customers with upgrades and refurbishments to a number of building types including office building, retail outlets and warehouses.


Start From The Ground Up – Construction

Throughout our time working within the Pilbara region, our team has been involved in a number of commercial Construction projects. Our experience allows us to be familiar with the safety and environmental considerations that come with working within the commercial sector.


Moving Into An Established Property – Pre-Acquisition Assessment

If your business has decided to move into an established property, the Trasan team are able to assist you to ensure it’s suitable for your needs with a Pre-Acquisition Assessment. The assessment itself can vary considerably depending on the nature of the facility that you are acquiring. Throughout this process we will travel throughout the Pilbara region to assess the property and make recommendations regarding its feasibility.


Perfecting A Property With Commercial Fit-Outs

When completing a Fit-Out project, we have a proven track record of working well with interior designers, architects and estate managers. Our priority is to work harmoniously with the varying parties to ensure we arrive at a high quality and appropriate outcome for our clients.


Whether we are working with an established scope and corporate standard or we are the lead designer for a custom job, we are able to provide a quality fit-out for all commercial projects.


Preventative Maintenance

When you’ve been in a property for a long time, it’s easy to forget to keep up with regular Preventative Maintenance. Our team work with commercial businesses throughout the Pilbara to create, implement and continue with ongoing preventative maintenance programs. This lowers to risk of breakdown maintenance, which is particularly important in more rural areas.


If you have more questions regarding the services that we provide to our customers with commercial property throughout the Pilbara region then feel free to contact us today or give us a call on 9185 5482.