Sustainable Building Service Provider


Sustainable Building Service Provider

Why Choose An Environmentally Sustainable Building Service Provider?

When it comes to building services, there is no one better than Trasan. We are a multidisciplinary sustainable building service provider which means we are able to offer our clients a full range of professional building services from commercial construction to mine site demobilisation. We understand the importance of choosing the right business for your needs, someone who is able to get the job done well, on time and on budget. But we also think it’s important to find a building service provider who aligns with your project requirements and also your personal and professional values.


In the past we have discussed the Top 4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Building Service Provider, but as a business one thing that has become increasingly important to us is being able to be as environmentally sustainable as possible within an industry which is notoriously un-environmentally friendly.  We know we can’t change the world, but recently we have continued to focus our efforts on making small changes to ensure our business practices become more sustainable. This month on the blog we are discussing why you should consider engaging with an environmentally sustainable building service provider on your next building project.


Work with a company who aligns with your values

Whether it’s your regular maintenance or construction for your business there is something to be said about engaging with businesses who value the same things you do both personally and professionally. In today’s world trying to be environmentally friendly in many facets of daily life is becoming increasingly more important. 2020 has been a year of great difficulty, which in turn has shown many people the importance of doing your bit to make this world a slightly better place. If you or your business considers itself to be environmentally friendly, align yourself with similar businesses who share these values and beliefs. That will allow you to work together to make a positive impact on the environment in the long term. 


Do your bit for the planet by making sustainable building choices

Most people want to do the right thing for the planet. Over the last few decades there has been an increased focus on being both environmentally friendly and sustainable, even in the most simple ways such as recycling, buying biodegradable household products or being more mindful about waste. Though it’s easy to make these small changes in day to day life, you can often be left wanting to do more. The building and construction industry is often known for its increased level of waste, so engaging with a business such as Trasan who is mindful of waste is just another way you can ensure you are doing your bit for the environment. 


Sustainable building service providers practices saves you money

Sometimes the term environmentally friendly comes with the connotation of additional costs to the client. However, as a business we believe in making small yet sustainable changes to our business practices which helps save both time and money. As a part of our commitment to sustainability, Trasan has implemented “lean practices” in regards to ordering materials. This means we are now extra mindful and focused on reducing over ordering of materials on any job we complete. When there is inevitable construction waste, we ensure waste material is taken to recycling instead of landfill and is repurposed where possible.


Not only is this business practice good for the environment, but it is also more beneficial to our clients. Lean practices mean less money is spent on building materials which in turn means your project will have cheaper material costs. 


More Information

If you’re interested in the importance of sustainability in the building industry, check out our previous blog post Six Simple Steps To Being a Sustainable Building Service Provider. For more information about Trasan and the environmentally sustainable building services that we provide within the Pilbara region feel free to give us a call on 9185 5482 or submit an online Contact Form