environmentally sustainable


environmentally sustainable

Take The First Step in Environmentally Sustainable Building Services

Does your business have sustainability goals? Maybe you understand the importance of making a positive impact on your surrounding environment, and you want to make sure your building services align with this goal? Whether you’re looking for construction, refurbishment or facilities maintenance services, engaging with a building service provider that is committed to environmental sustainability is the first step in making thoughtful and sound environmental decisions within your own business. 


As locals to the Pilbara community, we have a passion for doing everything we can to engage in environmentally friendly building practice. Why? Because we want to ensure our local environment is preserved and enjoyed by all future generations, just as we have enjoyed it for the 25 years we have been operating within this space. 


The Importance of An Environmental Policy

When it comes to engaging in building services with Trasan, we extend our commitment to contributing positively to the prevention of pollution and environmental conservation. This commitment is made by working with our clients, suppliers and the wider Pilbara community to adopt procedures that align with our sustainability efforts.


Since adopting our Environmental Policy in 2018, our commitment as a multidisciplinary building service provider has continued to grow. Our Policy extends more than just a piece of paper, it’s something we implement in all facets of our business, from our own office space to each and every commercial, industrial and resource sector site that we work on. 


Over the last two decades, there has been large growth in the building sector within Australia to meet the rise in our population. According to The Conversation, Australia currently creates 20.4 million tons of construction waste per year. This mostly includes materials such as bricks, concrete, metal, timber, asphalt, rock and soil. Though waste can’t be avoided entirely, it can certainly be better managed at a business level, which is where our commitment to environmental sustainability comes in. 


Our Responsibility for Environmental Sustainability

As a business who is interested in doing their bit for the environment, you are already taking the first step towards environmentally friendly building practices by engaging with a company such a Trasan who have made this commitment. 


Some ways in which we are committed to environmental sustainability in our building practices include:

  • reducing waste through innovative work practices and recycling practices • minimise environmental impacts by reduction of polluting substances produced by our operations, activities, products or services
  • minimising the impact of our operations on the neighbouring natural landscape
  • increasing the use of environmentally acceptable materials, equipment and technology in place of those which are considered harmful


As an environmentally sustainable building service provider, we take our role within the community very seriously. We endeavour to actively promote environmental awareness not only through our own business practices but also our general communication with our workers, clients, customers and the broader Pilbara community. Though one business can’t completely resolve the amount of waste which is produced by our industry, we can certainly lead by example to better encourage the industry and our community to each do their part. 


More Information

To learn more about Trasan’s commitment to environmental sustainability, check out our previous blog post “Why Choose An Environmentally Building Service Provider” or have a read of our Environmental Sustainability Policy. You can also give us a call on 9185 5482 or submit an Online Contact Form, and we will get in touch with you directly.