mine site facilities management


mine site facilities management

Why Facilities Maintenance is Extra Important At A Mine Site

The Pilbara region is the heart of the mining community. With a number of the big mining companies such as BHP and Rio Tinto set up in the region, mining has become a core part of the Western Australian economy. Mine sites are like their own little micro-community including the site itself, space for workers to live, offices and of course leisure facilities. Because of the complexity of a mine site, maintenance is even more imperative than in other commercial businesses.

Regular Facilities Maintenance means you ensure you are keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition. When it comes to a mine site this is important for the profitability and running of the business but also the comfort and safety of those who work on site. 

So when it comes to a mine site, why is it important to keep on top of preventative maintenance? Here’s just a few reasons:


Site facilities and assets are best protected

Regular facilities maintenance means the mine site facilities and assets are protected to ensure their optimum life cycle. Working with a building service provider such as Trasan means your business can discuss and implement a robust and appropriate maintenance program from the outset of site mobilisation.


Reduces ongoing spend

As the old saying goes “you need to spend money to make money”, but when it comes to the maintenance of a resources location the saying should be “you need to spend money to save money”. With the correct planning and delivery of preventative maintenance strategies our clients’ ongoing spend is reduced because money is saved on more costly breakdown maintenance.


Keeps facilities at a high standard

Workers at a mine often spend long periods of time on site, sometimes upwards of 4 weeks at a time. Ensuring facilities are kept at a high standard and working order is not only beneficial to operations but also to the wellbeing of those who reside on the site.


Remote locations can make mine site breakdown maintenance difficult and expensive

The remote geographical location of mine sites and other resource-based locations throughout the Pilbara, means that breakdown maintenance can become very costly. Adhering to regular preventative maintenance reduces the risk of an unexpected breakdown.


More Information

For more information about the maintenance services that Trasan is able to offer to the mine site you work for, get in touch with the team. Either give us a call on 9185 5482 or submit an enquiry through our Online Contact Form and we can provide advice as to how best approach a preventative maintenance arrangement.