risk management benefits


risk management benefits

What is the Importance of Risk Management?

As a business, you probably understand the importance of risk management within your own field of work. For Trasan, Risk Management is a part of our commitment to ensuring financial sustainability. Our Risk Management Policy has been designed to provide guidance regarding the management of unavoidable risk to ensure we achieve our corporate objectives, protect our staff and our business assets.


Our Risk Management Approach

We have a commitment to achieving a high standard of health and safety within our workplace. Our team recognise the moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment, not only for our workers and contractors, but also our customers and visitors. 

This is an integral part of our approach to our decision-making and accountability. All personnel within our business, from upper management down to our contractors, are responsible for the management of risks that relate to their particular area of work.


The Responsibilities of our Policy

When it comes to multidisciplinary building services, there are a number of unavoidable risks that need to be considered when carrying out any job. Risk is inevitable in all functions of the business and needs to be managed to maximise business opportunities and minimise adverse consequences.

Suitable risk identification and management is carried out to ensure our organisation is not exposed to risks associated with the building construction industry. Our management team are responsible for establishing and implementing the system to identify, control and manage the risk. Whilst employees, contractors and subcontractors are responsible for identifying and reporting possible risk to assist with the continued development of different systems.


What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

A robust procedure is a comfort and fail-safe for all Trasan clients. It means that we are considering various potential risks before they occur, which can then result in protecting our future and as a result, yours. Risk Management Procedures also reduce the risk of accidents and injuries within the workplace, ensuring staff and stakeholders who are based on site are kept safe. It shows our commitment to not only our business and staff, but also our clients as well.


More Information

For more information about the importance of managing risk, check out this article written by Business Basics. If you have any questions relating to our policies at Trasan, feel free to give our team a call on 9185 5482.