The Day In The Life of Trasan: Dalgety House Roebourne

The team at Trasan are lucky enough to be able to provide refurbishment services to a number of special and important properties all over the Pilbara. Earlier this month our team was able to complete a refurbishment of the verandah at Dalgety House Roebourne which is located within the City of Karratha. The property is a Heritage listed site, which meant that it required a selection of materials that matched the existing materials that are used to uphold the integrity and history of the property.

Dalgety House is a landmark defining the Southern end of Roe Street which is the main street  in Roebourne. The property signifies the expansion of Roebourne in the late nineteenth century and is still valued by the community today as it is now utilised as a community arts centre.


What Needed To Be Done

The verandah at Dalgety House required some serious TLC to get it back to the beautiful state it had previously been.

Dalgety House Roeburn

The work that needed to be done by the Trasan team included removal of damaged decking bearers and rubbish.

The team was required to install new decking bearers, verandah posts and additional balustrade.


Dalgety House Decking

The final stage of job was to seal the decking with coatings. Not all did this give the verandah a beautiful shined finish but it also ensure the timber was protected from the harsh environmental factors of the Pilbara.



The Result

The Trasan Team were extremely pleased with the final result of the refurbishment project. The verandah is now safe, clean and back to its original beautiful state.



Working with a building as special as the Dalgety House Roebourne requires an experienced team who understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of the original structure while completing a restoration. The Trasan team have over 20 years working with in the Pilbara region. If you have any questions regarding building restorations or would like to have a chat about a project you may have, please give us a call on 08 9185 5482 or submit an online contact form today.