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Resource Sector Construction: Bigger Building Projects

Over the last few months on the Trasan Blog, we’ve been taking a look at the different construction services that we offer to our clients who are based out of the Pilbara region. So next up, we thought we would take a look at the BIGGEST sectors in the area, the Resource Sector and the different construction services we are able to provide. 


The Western Australian Resource Sector

As a multidisciplinary building service provider, Trasan works within a number of industries within the Pilbara region. One of the most well known and exciting industries that we are able to offer construction services is the resource sector.


Western Australia (WA), more particularly, the Pilbara region, is known for its resources sector that continue to thrive within the region. Our world-renowned resources industry covers a number of minerals and energy sources such as iron ore, natural gas, gold and nickel. The extensive resources available in the area means the sector is always growing and evolving to suit its needs. 


What Construction Services are Needed in the Resources Sector?

The resource sector within the Pilbara is expansive and plays an integral part in the wider community and development of the area. Most notable is the mining industry, where Trasan has played an important part in a number of major construction projects such as mine site accommodation, storage, warehouse buildings, offices and operational facilities, as well as mine site mobilisation and demobilisation


Our construction services within the resources sector also include other infrastructure applications, such as;

  • Bridges
  • Platforms
  • Fuel farms
  • Safety decking
  • Walkways

Mine site construction ensures that a mine site is more than just a workplace for those that choose to work there. It turns a site into a home away from home by giving staff access to facilities that make their time there more enjoyable. 


Safety and Compliance in the Resource Sector Construction

Resource sector construction is complex, and the work carried out is typically larger than most standard construction jobs. This means that safety and environmental considerations on each job is an important consideration for our business. A list of our most current ISO credentials can be found here, which gives your business the peace of mind that any job completed by Trasan is done with safety at the forefront of the project. 


More Information

To learn more about the construction services we have available, feel free to give the Trasan team a call on 9185 5482 or send through an Online Contact Request , and we will get in touch as soon as possible.