public sector construction


public sector construction

Public Sector Construction: Helping to Grow the Pilbara Community

Trasan’s construction services come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As the leading multi-disciplinary building service provider in the Pilbara, we are known for providing a wide range of different services to the Pilbara community. Last month on the blog, we looked at the Industrial Construction services we offer, so this month we thought we would take a better look at our Public Sector Construction services. 


What is Public Sector Construction?

The public sector is the area within the Pilbara that is controlled by the state and local government. The parts that make where we live feel like home. It includes things like education facilities, storage, shade structures, amphitheaters, offices and operational facilities. Public sector construction is an imperative part to the on-going success and growth of the Pilbara community. As our community continues to grow, we need additional facilities to ensure businesses, families and residents continue to thrive.


What is Trasan’s Experience in Public Sector Construction?

Our construction experience within the public sector spans over 20 years. We have had the pleasure of being involved in construction projects such as the Hearsons Cove Shade Structure, which was built by the Trasan team in Karratha in 2018.


Finished picnic table construction by Trasan carpenter


We also constructed the Karratha Senior High School Amphitheater in 2018, which has since become a pivotal part of the high school infrastructure.

finished amphitheatre construction by trasan in the pilbara

Construction within the public sector allows the Trasan team to further our commitment to being an active part of the Pilbara community. It gives us the opportunity to be a part of the Pilbara community through projects that will stand the test of time, not only for people to enjoy today but also for generations to enjoy in the future. 


The Role of QA and Accreditation in This Environment

Like in all areas of our business, we take Quality Assurance and Accreditation very seriously, and when it comes to our public sector projects that’s no different. Our long-standing role within the Pilbara community means we are familiar with the safety and environmental considerations that come with this particular working environment. Like every job in the Pilbara, public sector projects come with their own unique challenges. We are completely up to date on our ISO credentials, which can be found in more detail on our QA and Accreditations page. 


More Information

If you’re interested in learning more about Trasan’s Public Sector Construction projects, or would like to discuss how we could work together in the future please feel free to give our team a call on 08 9185 5482 or submit an Online Enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as possible.