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mine site

Mine Site Mobilisation and Demobilisation with the Experts

When you think of the Pilbara, something that often comes to mind is the mining industry. Over the years, the resources sector has become a major part of the Pilbara region. As the industry continues to grow, the need for reliable and experienced service providers to work with mining companies is imperative. Trasan has a wide range of resource sector services available, two of which are mine site mobilisation and demobilisation. 


Getting mobilised and ready for action

There is a lot of work that goes into getting a site ready to become a fully operational mine site. Trasan are able to provide services to support the mobilisation of sites, offices, workers accommodation camps, amenities and related infrastructure. The range of mobilisation services our team are able to provide, include:

  • Preparing and clearing the site
  • Site set-out, footing and building installation
  • The connection of relevant services
  • Logistics
  • Landscaping and paving to ensure the area feels like home to those who work there
  • The construction of recreational facilities

Not only is our team experience in mine site mobilisation project delivery across the Pilbara region, but we also have the proven experience in sourcing the relevant materials required for the site. Our network is extensive, and we are able to supply the relevant labour force as required. Like the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”…and when working with Trasan it’s like having a mate who is in the know about all facets of the project.


What aspects of demobilisation does Trasan support?

Whether a site has achieved its initial purpose, or needs to be relocated, there are a number of reasons why it might need to be demobilised. The team at Trasan have the wide range of skills and experience that are required to handle every aspect of demobilisation. We have a key emphasis on safety, and always ensure we are meeting regulatory compliance within our operation. Demobilisation services provided by Trasan can include:

  • Disconnecting the utilities that are available on site
  • Breaking down the buildings on site and arranging their redeployment
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Ensuring on-site disposal processes and recycling is managed with environmental considerations in mind. 
  • Operational logistics

Because of the nature of the job, we put a large amount of focus on safety and planning when it comes to demobilisation. Keeping our staff, clients and the wider community safe is just as important as getting the job done!


Learn more 

If your business operates within the resource sector, and you’re interested in our mobilisation and demobilisation services, give the Trasan team a call on 9185 5482 or submit an online contact query, and we will be in touch!