industrial construction


industrial construction

Industrial Construction: A Growing Sector in the Pilbara Region

At Trasan, our reputation throughout the Pilbara is for our leading multidisciplinary building services. Our sister company Build Pilbara covers all the residential building aspects of our business, while Trasan focuses on the different aspects of commercial building services. Over the years, our expertise has specialised, and we continue to work on a number of major projects in many building sectors. One of these areas is Industrial Construction, which is unique to our other service offerings. So today, we thought we would take a moment to explain our Industrial Construction services and how we are able to assist this exciting and growing part of the Pilbara community. 


What is Industrial Construction? 

Industrial Construction often refers to construction projects that deals with manufacturing goods. This can include businesses like manufacturing factories, power plants, refineries, solar wind farms and other specialised facilities. Essentially, the term “industrial” refers to any business that manufactures goods – and as we know there are a lot of these types of businesses within the Pilbara region. 


What Makes Industrial Construction Unique?

Industrial Construction differs greatly from general commercial construction. The specific service offerings of an industrial construction project means your building service provider needs to have an in-depth understanding of your specific business needs. On industrial construction projects, you’re not just building a space for business, you’re creating a highly specialised facility that needs to meet rigorous building and compliance standards.


With a growing trend in sustainable resources such as wind and solar farms throughout the Pilbara, the industrial sector has continued to expand and will do so for a number of years to come.


Why is Compliance so Important in Industrial Construction?

Compliance is extremely important on industrial construction projects due to the sheer scale of the projects. Industrial construction requires a large amount of skill and specific expertise to be carried out correctly and to the highest standards. After working in the industrial sector for many years, the Trasan team are familiar with the safety and environmental considerations that come with this type of working environment. We ensure we are always up-to-date with compliance procedures, and our QA and Accreditations page illustrates our current list of ISO credentials.


More Information

To learn more about Trasan’s capabilities within the industrial sector or see how we can help you on your next industrial construction project, feel free to give our team a call on 9185 5482 or submit an Online Contact Form, and we will be in touch shortly.