commercial property


commercial property

Commercial Property: Refurbishment, Construction and Fit-outs

We love working with our clients to help build the business of their dreams. From refurbishing an outdated space, constructing the perfect new property to completing a well planned internal fit out, we are able to offer support to a wide range of commercial properties located within the Pilbara region. This month, on the blog, we wanted to take a more in-depth look at our commercial services.


The Wide Range of Commercial Property Options

When you’re thinking of commercial property, what comes to mind? Office buildings? Warehouse space? What about retail stores? The options are endless. The diversity of the Pilbara region means we have seen it all. Commercial property assists in the development of the Pilbara community. Whether it be retail spaces, warehouses, offices or operations facilities, these buildings make up the foundation of our township.


Commercial Refurbishment, Upgrades and Modifications

Not all commercial spaces are ready to occupy straight away, but with the right amount of help from the Trasan team, we can make your property perfect for your business. Commercial property refurbishment, upgrade and modifications are an integral part of the core business at Trasan. We work with you to transform a space – whether it’s a space you’ve occupied for years or it’s new to you – to be ideal for your business.


Examples of our refurbishment, upgrades and modifications services include:

  • Upgrading older style warehouses to include modern office spaces and staff facilities such as a kitchenette and bathroom facilities.
  • Removing walls from within office buildings to suit a more modern, open plan design.
  • Upgrading assets such as storerooms and layout in larger commercial properties. 


Starting from Scratch with Commercial Property Construction

Sometimes the best way to find the perfect property for your business, is to build it. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with a variety of businesses, property developers, retailers and property management companies on construction projects. Your business may want to avoid the refurbishment process by creating a purposely-designed building that has been created to your individualised needs. In other instances, we build properties for it to be rented out by the owner to other local businesses in the area. Both projects need to be approached with a different scope, but our team is experience in working in every area of development. 


Helping You Develop Your Commercial Property Fit-out

Commercial property fit-outs are always a little more complicated than your standard commercial property project. These projects can vary depending on the required remit of the asset owner. When working with Trasan, you can be assured we have a proven track record of working well with interior designers, architects and estate managers to ensure a high quality outcome for our clients. We are able to work to established scopes and corporate standards where the framework of the fit-out already exists. So be assured, we can help you bring your internal fit-out to life. 


More Information

To learn more about the different commercial property services that Trasan have available, feel free to give us a call on 9185 5482 or submit an online contact enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as possible.