Industrial Construction Contractor


Industrial Construction Contractor

5 Tips to Help Choose An Industrial Construction Contractor

When it comes to construction, there are many different types – residential, commercial and industrial construction, just to name a few. Industrial Construction projects are often larger than life, they include buildings such as factories, warehouses, storage facilities, distribution centres and refineries. Creating an industrial space from the ground up involves a large amount of finesse and expertise. It’s important as an industrial business that you choose your construction contractors carefully. So if you’re in the market for a new industrial construction contractor, we have put together 5 quick tips to help you choose the right one for your next project. 


Tip #1: Ask ALL of the questions

The difference between a good industrial construction contractor and the right one for your business is getting to know who you will be working with. We always suggest asking your potential contractor as many questions as possible. Find out the details of how their business works, how many projects they have on the go at one time and what their primary area of expertise is. It’s also important to find out about the sub contractors the company engages with and their relationship with those sub contractors. Ask questions like “how long have you worked with your subbies?” and “have you used them on a similar project in the past?”.

In the process of asking questions and getting to know the team behind the business you will be able to have peace of mind you’re making the right choice for your industrial construction project. Asking questions is the first step in doing your own due diligence to find a contractor who will go the extra mile for your business.


Tip #2: Find Someone With Integrated Services

An industrial construction project is usually complex in nature. The best type of construction company on an industrial project is a multi-disciplinary service provider. A company that offers integrated services will allow for seamless transitions between tasks and project phases. For example, Trasan has our own in-house Scaffolding department which means we are able to assist with your project from beginning, through to Asset Maintenance services after the initial construction is complete. This allows your business to achieve all it’s desired outcomes by utilising one individual contractor with seamless communication between departments.


Tip #3: Check Their Past Work and What Other Businesses Say About Them

Well this one is pretty standard, but it is important nonetheless. Make sure you ask your industrial contractor for references and their past work portfolio. If you’re new to the area ask other commercial businesses in the area for their advice and input. Reputation, especially in a close knit community like the Pilbara is paramount.


Tip #4: Ensure They Have the Appropriate Licenses & Qualifications

A reliable, well known and honest contractor should hold a number of licenses and qualifications. Make sure you check for these qualifications before engaging with an industrial construction contractor. For example, all of Trasan’s QA & Accreditations are available through our website and any additional information you require can be discussed with our team directly.


Tip #5: Work With Pilbara Locals

We say it a lot, but the Pilbara truly is a special place. It’s a beautiful and unique environment that is known and loved by those of us who live here. When engaging an industrial construction contractor within the Pilbara region it’s important to find a business who knows the lay of the land. As proud Pilbara locals, Trasan pride ourselves on not only being local but also hiring staff from the local community. This ensures our team understands the complexities of the area, including environmental factors. A local industrial construction contractor gives your business the advantage of intimate knowledge of the local area you’re about to build on. 


More Information

For more information about engaging a reputable industrial construction contractor within the Pilbara please get in touch with the team at Trasan by submitting an Online Enquiry or giving us a call on 9185 5482.